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     Chef Damion has 30 years of culinary experience and has worked about every job in food service you can imagine. From starting out in high school as a dish washer at the old Country Kitchen in Streetsboro to serving and bartending at Diggers Bar & Grille in Kent. From sous chef at Barrington Country Club in Aurora to Head Chef at Cajun Dave’s in Kent. He has been a Kitchen Manager for several restaurants and has worked in Kent State Dining for the past 12 years, where he met Chef Zou, doing residential dining, catering and banquets.

     Chef Damion’s passion is to provide quality food that is both pleasing to the palette and the eye. It is his goal to make sure everyone walks away from his meals with a full belly and a smile.

“ You have to eat to live. Therefore, I’m out here saving lives. I’m better than a doctor because my bill Is a whole lot cheaper.”
- Damion Sharar

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